Locked Out

Are you locked out right now?

We can help you !  Don’t be locked out any longer. Phone 0419 791 720. Brisbane Right Price Locksmith is at your call if you are in Brisbane. We can get you back inside your house or apartment quickly. We realise it’s no fun being in this predicament so we will endeavor to get you back in as quickly as possible. Don’t be stuck outside any longer. Phone 0419 791 720 and see how easy it is to unlock your door when you have the right tools.

Brisbane Tradesman

If you’re in Brisbane and need a Brisbane locksmith, our highly trained tradesman Chris specializes in opening doors for people.”For more than 20 years I have specialized in unlocking doors for people when they have locked the keys inside“. “I have the tools to open your door effortlessly and without damage for standard locks when you are in Brisbane.”

Our locksmith tradesman Chris was trained on the job as part of a four year apprenticeship. This gave first hand daily experience with all kinds of Locksmith work including lockout situations. The apprenticeship also required intensive training at interstate Locksmith Colleges as Brisbane did not have one at that time. Technical training was conducted at Sydney Institute of Technology Ultimo, and Melbourne’s Northern Metropolitan College Of Tafe.

There are many factors that can result in you being stuck outside. We see people who need their lock opened after the door blows shut. We see people who step out the door without taking their keys with them. We also see people who have left the keys at work. Then we have people stranded due to mechanical failures. Locks that have failed due to broken mechanisms resulting in lock out situations. We even see people who come home to discover their partner has locked them out ! Call now and have an expert solve this situation for you.

The following recent lock out scenarios illustrate just how easy it is to be in need of a good locksmith in Brisbane.

Locked Out Scenario One;

You realise you are locked out the second you hear the door close. Your Indooroopilly apartment has a door closer on your door that kindly closes it for you whether you are fully prepared for departure or not. After stomping your foot on the ground you find a neighbour and ask to use their phone to phone a friend who has a spare key to let you in. It turns out the person you gave your spare key to is away on holidays and the property manager is not answering her phone because it’s night time. Now you have to shell out for a Locksmith in Brisbane. Who do you call ? Brisbane Right Price Locksmith began in Brisbane North West suburb of Mitchelton many years ago and has expanded it’s territory to encompass the greater Brisbane area.

Locked Out Scenario two;

You are 16 years old and being paid only $20 a day to feed the pets of a family friend in Aspley. Because you are unfamiliar with the house and the locks you are now in need of urgent assistance and have to pay many times the amount of money you were earning for a locksmith to open the door, or else the pets will starve. Our rapid response mobile service vehicle will have you back inside in no time. Hopefully they will reimburse you when they get back from holidays.

Locked Out Scenario three;

You came home from work today to find that you can’t get in to your Alderley apartment. The realestate agent did an inspection today and on the way out they locked “that lock”. You know, the one you never use ! Of course they aren’t answering the phone at night and you need someone to “get me inside my place”. The Locksmith Chris got you back inside in no time. Unfortunately if the agent gave you a key for the door when you first moved in you probably don’t have much recourse for being reimbursed by the agent for the heinous crime of locking your apartment up correctly. The only exceptions I could think of would be if you were never given a key for that lock in the beginning, or if they inspected it without giving you proper notice.

Locked Out Scenario Four; 

You are a Detective who is methodical and follows a regular procedure that guarantees you always have your keys in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately today, someone has upset your usual routine and now you are locked out. You are the crankiest of all the customers. Because you never do things like this it makes it even more unbelievable and unbearable that it has happened to you. Chill out. It happens to the best of us !
“Exit premises without a valid key”?  Your bill is $165 and 3 points !

Locked Out Scenario Five; 

You are the high rise exterior window cleaner that calls me and says “Yeah, you know who it is, come and let me in”. You laugh no matter how many times you get locked out. You have even called me to open the door to your apartment in Fortitude Valley and when I got there and turned the knob it was open ! You weren’t even locked out, you just thought you were locked out ! And you still laughed ! You’re my favourite customer ! Phone Now 0419 791 720  Get the Locksmith to open your door in Brisbane and all suburbs and be glad that there is someone there to help you, no matter how out of character or not it is for you to be locked outside !

Below is a range of tools that we have to unlock your door without damage.

We make picking locks look easy.

I can usually pick locks open in a second or two depending on their condition.

I normally pick locks so fast that people ask “where can I buy one of those tools from?”

I think they plan on hiding these tools outside for when they next forget them.

The reality is if we gave you the tools you wouldn’t be able to unlock the door yourself.

It is a skill that you need to practice every day. In fact some old time users of the “Pick Gun” will tell you this.

They will recount the time their favorite tool  broke and the horror they experienced when they had to perform their future jobs with a different tool.

The replacement tool can be the same brand, made by the same company to the same specifications and yet it feels nothing alike to the user.

Worse still, it works nothing like the old one. Fortunately, the better you get at picking locks, the longer your tools last.

Locked Out Brisbane Tools
Locked Out Brisbane Tools of Trade 0419 791 720

When we open your door for you, we will need to see your identification. Our surreptitious entry techniques are only applied to lawful scenarios. For example, the premises we are opening is where you normally reside. You are the owner, the tenant, the lease holder, the resident, or authorized representative of the aforementioned.

Examples of common requests are; Locked Out Everton park, Locked Out Arana Hills, Locked Out Brisbane, Locked Out Alderley, Locked Out Newmarket,  Locked Out Aspley, Locked Out Chermside, Locked Out Nundah, Locked Out Geebung, Locked Out Kelvin Grove, Locked Out Herston, Locked Out Milton, Locked Out Windsr, Locked Out Ahsgrove, Locked Out Bardon, Locked Out Red Hill, Locked Out Paddington, Locked Out Toowong, Locked Out West End, Locked Out Fortitude Valley,