About the founder Chris. He is a Qualified Locksmith Brisbane.
Trade certified, having completed a four year apprenticeship.

How do I choose a good Locksmith?
Asses their background. Speak to them and find out where they were trained and how long for. 
In Australia a locksmith does an apprenticeship. This means they work under supervision of the employer for many years. This means they are extremely proficient at the work you are asking them to do. The apprentices are supervised closely with daily feedback from customers about their workmanship. They are paid at apprentice rates for four years which is only a percentage of a tradesman’s wage. The fact that the training is so long, and so under paid, further increases the odds that the person you are getting with 4 years on the job training and experience is of good character.
A criminal would not stick it out.
What if I don’t want to interrogate the man calling himself a Locksmith about his background?
The Simplest formula to go by then, – get an Aussie. 

My background 

When asked why Locks ? 
“It was the only thing that ever really seized my interest and attention.”
“I began a serious interest in locks at the age of 14. The school I attended purchased lockers for the students to use with money we raised through a walkathon. All the students were then required to provide their own padlocks for their lockers. I quickly learned that most of the small padlocks being used by the students could be opened by using keys for other locks and wriggling them in and out. I used to spend my pocket money buying new locks and testing them for security and vulnerabilities. I would also exchange trinkets or money or lollies with fellow students in exchange for their key collections. The interest in keys and locks continued when I would visit the construction sites my father was in charge of. My father was a builder who oversaw large construction sites and refurbishments of buildings. These regular Saturday morning visits provided me with a ready source of new and intriguing locks for me to see. I would also see my Dad swear and wrestle with locks trying to get them to work and tell me how much he hates locks!
A turning point came at school when I was 15 and had to select a placement for work experience. I wrote down Locksmith and it was initially rejected due to security reasons. In those days the only way you learnt anything about Locksmithing was if someone took you under their wing and showed you. The School Principal then approached Brian’s Locksmith who supplied the Master Key System for the school. I don’t know what was said but I was accepted to spend the week at Brian’s Locksmith Shop in The Grange Brisbane. A real dream come true.”
The following week after the work experience Brian phoned Chris and told him he had 50 Locks that needed to be keyed alike and asked if he thought he could handle it. Chris said yes and then worked every Saturday morning and every school holiday for Brian at the Locksmith shop. This lasted for two and a half years until he finished grade 12.
“Brian was an excellent trainer of young people and a great role model for me and the other apprentices. He set a fine example for us to follow. He helped develop good habits and work ethics in us that are still with me to this day. I recall a friend asking me what it was like working there part time. I told him “I’d work there for free just to learn all the stuff im learning.” “But I wouldn’t tell Brian that of course”.
After year 12 the Locksmith Brian offered Chris a four year apprenticeship in Locksmithing. The role involved workshop support, counter sales and Mobile Locksmith Service Calls to residents of The Grange in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. After completion of the apprenticeship Chris wanted more direct involvement in selection of the work that he did and to be able to speak to the customer directly from start to finish. For these reasons he chose to take on the responsibility of running his own business. And has run his own business ever since.

For all enquiries please phone the locksmith Chris on 0419 791 720.

Speak to the locksmith directly. Your call will be answered by the locksmith. The person who is best able to answer your questions. Chris the locksmith will provide you with the most accurate information possible.

The person you speak to is the person that will be attending to your job from start to finish. No more being put on hold, being given the secretary shuffle, only to be told the wrong information.

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