Locks Changed

Do you need to get the locks changed ?

If you need to get the locks changed, we can help. Changing locks is a service we regularly perform at Brisbane Right Price Locksmith.
When a customer calls and says “I want to have the locks changed”, we assume you mean that you want to have the key that currently fits your locks rendered inoperable and a new set of keys issued. The lock change process involves dismantling your existing locks and altering their internal combination to suit a different set of keys. We call this process “Re-Keying“.

Why you should change your locks?

If you are moving house in Brisbane, don’t forget to organize Brisbane Right Price Locksmith to meet you on-site and rekey all of your existing external door locks. Whole house rekeys are an important part of moving house in Brisbane. Having the locks changed is important to ensure that there are not multiple copies of your house keys still in circulation that you are unaware of. Some of the people who may still have copies of your new house keys could be former owners and tenants, their family, friends, real estate agents, tradesmen, building managers, etc etc.

Locks Changed & Keyed Alike

When you get your locks changed, as part of the rekeying process we are usually able to reduce the number of keys you need to carry by “keying alike” as many of your locks as possible. Having your locks keyed alike means carrying less keys on your key ring, and faster entry and exit times. You will appreciate getting in quickly during inclement weather, and when you arrive home late at night. Keying alike makes using your locks a pleasure. People are more willing to lock deadlocks correctly on their way out the door for work when things are made smooth, quick and easy to use.

Lock Changed and Inspected

The first thing we do when we change locks is to examine all of your locks. This is to determine the extent of keying alike that is achievable with your existing locks and cylinders. Often we are able to key all of your existing locks to the one key. While we are making this inspection we will ask you if all the locks are functioning correctly to your knowledge. We will look for any issues such as locks and striker plates that do not line up anymore and also look for locks that may be broken. What are you waiting for ? Call now to organize having one of Brisbane’s best locksmiths rekey and change your locks ! Phone 0419 791 720

Locks Changed

Locks Changed and Keyed Alike